Spaceship Cat Tree Space Rocket Cat Condo I#1728

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[Save installation space] Since it does not take up space, even a studio can be assured! The fixed type can be installed anywhere, such as in the corner of the room or beside the sofa! You can play with the cat at any time without feeling depressed.
[Correct setting] Considering the path for cats to climb to the top of the mountain smoothly, kittens and older cats can play comfortably!
[Unique design] Wood grain cat tower based on rocket design. You can take a break in many places, so you can use it even if you have a lot of animals! The design integrated into the room can be used as interior decoration!
[High quality and durability] Even if a big cat is playing, the stable design based on mechanical principles is difficult to shake. It comes with an anti-drop strap and can be fixed on the wall with screws. The entire surface is soft to the touch, so even small kittens can fall asleep safely.
[Easy to assemble] With instructions for use. We will explain the details of parts, assembly methods, maintenance methods, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner through text descriptions. Please read and assemble it correctly..

100% Brand new large cat tree
High quality natural sisal material, scratch-proof
Color: Walnut / Beige
Material: Board, polyester
Dimension: 32.7"X15.7"X54"(83X40X137CM)
Weight: 56 lbs
Item# 1728