Savannah Large Concrete Planter With Hand Crafted Detail

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Item Description:

Pick your plants up off the ground; this garden urn planter allows for variation in height in your garden area, re-invigorating your yard and giving it a sense of new interest and excitement. A drainage hole and stopper helps keep everything planted in this garden urn healthy and happy.


ELEGANT STYLE - Black lightweight concrete gives this planter a high-end, faux-stone appearance. This piece boasts a Roman design with botanical accents and a square base.

MULTI-PURPOSE - This planter can be used for flowers, herbs, succulents, and vegetables.

FUNCTIONAL - This selection is outfitted with a drainage hole and stopper for optimal growing conditions.

DURABLE - This piece is weather and water-resistant, making it perfect for homes of any climate. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - Simply remove this planter from its packaging and enjoy.



Includes: One (1) Urn Planter

Material: Lightweight Concrete

Finish: Black/Antique White/Antique Gray

Hand-Crafted Details

No Assembly Required

Dimensions: 18.75 inches deep x 18.75 inches wide x 28.25 inches high

Interior Dimensions: 12.00 inches deep x 12.00 inches wide

Base Dimensions: 12.00 inches deep x 12.00 inches wide x 2.00 inches high

Item# 1170