Cat Scratch Post Tree Condo Kitten Activity Tower

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Every pet cat wants to have a house of their own to run around, play and enjoy themselves. Without going outside, your cat can enjoy the same fun of playing and relaxing on the tree! Your cats will love their new house and enjoy themselves! Comes with two larger houses is perfect for large kitties/adult cats!

The cat tree pet furniture features three floors in total. Two spacious hideaway room provides sizable private space for big cats to rest and nap without any disruptions. Top perches platforms with raised edging allow more safety for kittens to enjoy the feeling of the top of the world while resting. Multi-Layer design allows your kitty to have more activity space.

Scratching posts lined with natural sisal ropes is perfect for your furry friend to scratch and sharpen their claws, no scratching your furniture anymore! Come with two fur balls for more excitement, you can remove it or replace it with your own toys. While the cozy hammock at bottom provide a wonderful spot to relax!

Our kitten activity tower adopting high-class particle board, wrapped with faux furs ensures a comfortable and secure resting environment for your cat. Posts covered by natural sisal rope, it is non-toxic, environmental, harmless, secure enough for your cats to enjoy. The play house is composed of high quality plush material.

Equipped with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation; all the accessories and tools are included. The bottom ribs reinforce the base to ensure the stability of the entire cat tree;Its charming appearance will perfect matches all the furniture of your room.


Overall Dimension (Approx.): 20''L x 24''W x 57.1''H

Round Platform: 16.9''

Capacity: 55 lbs

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