9ft Cantilever Umbrella with Cover and Weight Plates

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Sturdy Rust-Resistant Frame: The entire frame is powder coated in a bronze finish to provide maximum rust resistance. The Pole is heavy gauge aluminum. The 6 strong steel ribs and steel cross base are also powder coated to prevent rust, chipping, peeling and corrosion.

Quality Vented Canopy: The vented canopy is made from an outdoor rated polyester fabric that is designed to be long lasting, Water repellent, Wind resistant, UV resistant and Fade resistant. The vented design increases airflow and adds stability to the umbrella during windy conditions.

Easy to use : This 9 feet offset patio umbrella is easy to opening and closing with crank and tilt system. The handle on the pole moves up and down to adjust your umbrellas height! The 9ft round canopy provides shade at any angle with the press of a button. Perfect for commercial and residential use.

Velcro Strap Closure: The sewn-in velcro straps easily wrap around the closed umbrella to keep the umbrella closed and secure.

This umbrella comes with a powder coated bronze steel cross base, 1 umbrella cover and 4 triangular shaped black weight plates ( Sand and Water not included)

4 pc Weight Set for Offset Cross Base: The 4 triangular shaped black weight plates are designed to fit in a cantilever umbrella cross base and give the base a square shape when placed in each slot. The weights, when filled, will offer an appropriate amount of weight needed to stabilize your offset umbrella.

Easy to Fill: Purchase Sand and use the included plastic funnel to fill each section with dry or wet sand. Screw the cap on and you have weight for the umbrella cross base.

When all 4 plates are filled with just sand the weight is approximately 150 lbs. With water added to make wet sand, the total weight is approximately 180 lbs. Each plate can be filled with 37.5 lb - 45 lb of wet sand.

Umbrella cover: This protective umbrella cover will fit an offset umbrella that is 9-11 feet diameter. Up to an 11ft cantilever umbrella cover.

Water and Weather Resistant Fabric: Durable Polyethylene fabric is PU coated for water and snow resistance, keeping your umbrella free from weather elements. This cover also protects against sun and dirt year-round.

Zipper and Drawstring Closure: The sturdy rust resistant zipper and long-reach drawstring closure helps tighten the grip around the umbrella for a better fit that will protect your umbrella and prevent wind from blowing it away. It also makes it much easier to zip and unzip.

High-Reach Fiberglass Rod: The included high-reach fiberglass rod will help you put the cover over the top of the umbrella with more ease. It makes it easier to take the cover on and off of the umbrella.


Umbrella Size : 9ft

Color : Dark Brown, Blue, Beige, Light Brown

Frame Material : Alloy Steel

Handle Material : Aluminum

Item# 1643 / 1644