10x12 Ft Gazebo With Curtain I#1505

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Is your backyard the place to go when everybody in the neighborhood is joining for a barbecue? Your next outdoor shindig is about to receive a major upgrade - this gazebo will provide cool shade on those sweltering summer days, and a cozy, romantic place to light a couple of candles for more adult affairs that last well into the night. No matter where you live, this piece is an absolute must for the enterprising homemaker - it will ensure that he party will go on, rain or sunshine.


Includes: One (1) Outdoor Gazebo

Material: Water Resistant Fabric

Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester

Frame Material: Steel

Fabric Color: Blue/Orange/Beige

Frame Finish: Dark Gray

Hand Crafted Details

Assembly Required

Product Dimensions: 117.00 inches deep x 142.00 inches wide x 111.00 inches high

Item# 1505